Tenor line at night


This pretty much sums up the personality of the 2012 Regiment.
dontletthemknowbecause: Last year during drum corps we preformed a show in Denver and it was harder to breathe compared to what we were use to. I was hoping to audition for BK next year. Do you just get use to the thin are or is it an on going struggle?

If you’re coming from living in a place closer to sea level, then the altitude is going to take some getting used to. The first few days are going to kick your butt, but by the end of the first week you’ll be completely used to it. You don’t notice it so much during spring training but learning to perform at high altitude makes things a lot easier when you go back down to sea level. So it makes the beginning of tour a lot of fun because you feel like you have so much more endurance and you can play much louder (brass). I wouldn’t let it discourage you from auditioning, if anything high altitude training is a bit of an advantage to preparing your body physically.

Nothing but practicing and memorizing music, gym, and classes for this week. Ughhhhhh



Come see the Boston Crusaders this summer!

I sneezed in the intro of my smartmusic assignment.. and still submited it. YOLO



Blue Knights.

Let’s hear it for contras!

I loaned someone $200 to go to the bluecoats call back camp last season. Now I need that money back so badly and they’ve been putting it off since.. ughughugh